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Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

The Gold Standard in Carpet Cleaning

Super Deep Cleaning
Manufacturer Approve (recommended actually)

Environmentally Safe
First - For the planet
Second - for your family and pets

SOFAS - COUCHES - Upholstery in general

 Why clean only what you feet touch?

Yes your feet are dirty and they make your carpet dirty. But bodies are dirty too! And they make your couch, chairs, sofa, love seat, and mattress dirty too! Only you can't see it as quickly because THAT dirt isn't the color of dirt. YUCK!

Tile and Grout

YES! We can clean it!

Tile and grout doesn't get dirty as fast as soft textiles. But, when it DOES get dirty it is VERY difficult to clean on your own. That's when you call White Cloud Carpet AND TILE Cleaning. We can get that tile and grout back to looking beautiful and then we'll seal it so it stays that way for as long as possible.


We love our job! And we love it when you are so happy with our work that you call us next time, and you tell all of your friends. So we work hard to be the best carpet cleaner you have ever had!